We love our Miniature Schnauzers! They are beautiful, sweet, fun-loving, healthy, happy, and all around awesome dogs! We believe that every dog deserves a ton of love and attention; so we raise them in the house with our family. They think they own us, not the other way around:) We also believe that healthy, happy sires and dams produce healthy, happy puppies. That’s why we do everything possible to ensure our adults’ health and overall well being.


Quinn is a gorgeous black and silver male with 16 champions in his 4 generation pedigree. He has excellent confirmation–quite the show stepper! He is very friendly, not a barker. He loves to be the center of attention, but if we’re busy, he’s content to roll in the floor and play with toys, or snuggle up with one of the girls for a snooze:)

The Next Generation - Kricket and Katy

Meet Kricket and Katy, future dams at Midnight Schnauzers. These girls are full of life and personality, and they brighten our day with their fun-loving charm. Their favorite activities are playing in our puppy playground (see above), giving high fives, and eating chicken training treats!


If we had one word to describe Karis, it would be “delightful”! We love her intelligence, winning personality, gorgeous form. Karis loves to play with her buddies, chase her toy, and learn obedience commands.


Tess is our little Miss Sunshine. She has such a fun, upbeat personality–always making us smile! If you get her picture mixed up with Bonnie’s (scroll down to see), that’s because they’re sisters. Litter mates to be exact! Tess is a compact solid build, which makes for the kind of form we love to see. She likes nothing more than to hang out with us or her best buddy, Caroline.


We picked Bonnie from a black champion bloodline litter at two weeks of age. She was one of those melt-in-your-hand puppies and won my heart immediately. She has lived up to every expectation–from her gorgeous conformation to her devoted soulful spirit. She is everything a Schnauzer should be. We love Bonnie!

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