Wire Crate

This is an essential tool for housetraining, anti-chew training, and keeping your puppy safe in all situations. Click the button below to view crates on chewy.com.

Exercise Pen

Our puppies are accustomed to doing their business outside in an exercise pen, and during the transition period, having a pen in your backyard helps them know where to potty. 

Fish Oil

This is an excellent supplement to prevent skin issues, “Schnauzer bumps,” and promote overall health. We recommend giving fish oil 2-3 times per week starting when your puppy is about 6 months old.

Frontline Plus

We have found Frontline Plus to work the best in preventing fleas and ticks in dogs. It is very safe and non-toxic, even for pregnant or nursing females. We recommend using Frontline in conjunction with fish oil, which helps the Frontline to distribute throughout the skin.                                                                

Bil-Jac Puppy Select

Our puppies love their Bil-Jac! And with 12 pounds of real chicken in every 15 pound bag of food, what’s not to love? Not to mention all the scientific research that goes into creating this unique product.

Bil-Jac Adult Select

Vital nutrition for your adult Miniature Schnauzer! We recommend feeding Bil-Jac Adult Select starting when your dog is 12 months old. It’s how we keep our adults healthy and looking great! 

Bil-Jac Training Treats

Dogs will do almost anything to get one of these awesome training rewards! Use to reward harder behaviors like leash walking, coming when called, and sit-stay.

No-Pull Harness

Our trainer’s all-time favorite tool for training puppies to walk on a leash. We love the durability, function, and customized fit of this harness by Blue-9. 


An all-time favorite chew for our dogs! They love it!


The perfect alternative to rawhide chews! Will not splinter!

Kong Toys

These are practically indestructible! Fill with food for a brain-stimulating game. Be sure to check out other Kong toys at Chewy or your favorite pet supplier.

Tooth Scaler

A gentle and effective tool for cleaning your pet’s teeth. Yes it takes a little time and effort, but it is so worth it!

Ultra Black Shampoo

The best shampoo for black or black & silver Schnauzers! Gentle and non-toxic, and won’t bleach out that dark coat.

Creme Rinse

A great product to use after shampoo, leaves your pet’s coat soft, silky, and ready to blow dry.

Oster A5 Clippers

If you want a high quality, long-lasting clipper, you should definitely check this one out!

Ear Powder

When plucking the hair out of your pet’s ears (an absolute must to prevent ear infections) this product works to dry the hair follicles and makes the process much more comfortable for your pet.

Undercoat Rake

The spinning teeth and spring action on this undercoat rake from Jeffers make brushing your pet a snap!

Slicker Brush

Works great for fluffing out those Schnauzer furnishings! Helps keep your pet looking their best between visits to the groomer.

De-matting Rake

This de-matting rake from Jeffers is perfect for working out the occasional tangle in your Schnauzer’s coat. It’s ouch-less for your dog and saves a ton of time for you!

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