Our guys and gals are ready to go home in their 8th week!

Simply put, it is pet only registration. If you were to breed your puppy, you would be unable to register the progeny, and with limited registration you would be unable to participate in AKC conformation events. Unlimited registration for your puppy is available by approval of the breeder and with an extra fee.

Our pet price is $1500.00 and full breeding/show rights are $2000.00.

Yes! Every one of our adults has tested 100% clear of all 165 genetic disorders covered in the health guarantee. Health is our #1 priority!

We offer delivery up to 350 miles away for a fee of $0.45/mi round trip. We can also fly your puppy to you with a pet nanny. Of course, you can always fly to the Little Rock Airport and pick up your puppy in person. We would love to meet you!

We are near Cabot AR, about 25 miles northeast of Little Rock. 

We accept a $300 deposit for the sex and color (1st and 2nd choice) you request. Many of our puppies are reserved long before birth. Please keep in mind that if you haven’t placed a deposit, it is impossible for me to guarantee availability once the puppies arrive.

Deposits are non-refundable unless the dam does not produce a puppy of the color and sex you requested. In that case, we will refund the deposit or transfer it to a future litter, whichever you prefer.

We feed and recommend Bil-jac Puppy Select and Adult Select or Adult Small Breed Select formulas. You can order online or purchase it at your local pet store. Bil-jac contains 12 pounds of real chicken for every 15 pounds of food. Our puppies love it!

When your puppy first goes home he will eat 1/4 cup 3 times daily. After 9 or 10 weeks puppies eat about 1/3 cup twice daily. Your main gage is to feel their tummy and see how tight it is. And they will let you know if they want more! For adult dogs, feeding amounts vary for adult dogs according to size and activity level. Your main guide is how your dog looks. You should be able to feel his ribs but not see them, and he should have a little “waistline.” Our adults eat about 1 heaping cup once daily. They are fed separately from each other, usually in their crates. Free feeding is not recommended since most Schnauzers will eat anything and everything you put in their bowl and look for more!

We are anti-flea fanatics, and we have had great success with Frontline spot-on treatment. It’s easy to use, affordable, and it actually WORKS!

Before your puppy goes home, he will already have a mini trim: potty area, tummy, hair between his pads, and ears. You’ll want to take him in for a full cut at 12 weeks, depending on how thick his coat is.

It all depends on the thickness of your puppy’s coat, and whether it’s curly or straight. But usually if you brush 3-4 times a week and groom every 7-10 weeks, your puppy will look awesome!

Puppies’ stomaches are sensitive to anything different from their regular food, so we recommend you wait until about 4 months to start giving a few treats during training. Until then, a toy, praise, or a few pieces of puppy food make great training rewards.

Not at all, ever. Rawhide can splinter and cause your puppy to choke or, if swallowed, it can cause severe internal damage. We’ll send your puppy home with a sanatized cow’s hoof, one of their absolute favorite chews. They’re available at your local pet store, along with other great rawhide alternatives. Skip the surgery!

Until your little one has had his 12 week shot, please try to limit contact with non-family members and other dogs. After that, go for it! Take your puppy out with you as much as possible, and be sure to have company at home whenever you can. Your goal is to expose him to as many new people and situations as possible. Have fun!

Until your puppy is fully house trained, he should be crated or confined to a small area when you’re not available to supervise his play. Be sure to check out our house training article for a more indepth look at crate training.

An 18×24 inch crate will be big enough for your puppy for the rest of his life. They tend to like the wire crates because they can see out better, but a hard sided plastic crate works well too.

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