Love Our Sophie

As I write this review, our little Sophie will be 10-weeks old in couple of days. I am completely amazed with Midnight Schnauzers! Liza and Grace are very caring, wonderful people that I would recommend to anyone looking for high quality miniature schnauzers. Much to my surprise, our girl slept through the night beginning the first night and has every night since. She is completely beautiful, has a wonderful personality but her most outstanding feature is her incredible intelligence! In less than 2 weeks, she has learned her name, comes when called and I have no doubt she will be completely house trained before she is 3 months old (she is getting close now). Not exactly the “puppy experience” I was expecting but it has been a wonderful couple of weeks. I started searching almost a year ago and looked at several breeders. When I stumbled on Midnight Schnauzers, I knew my search was over. I am 100% pleased with our decision and wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere if I ever want another puppy. Thank you Liza and Grace for the fabulous puppies and service you provide.

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