I could go ON and ON about our experience at Midnight Schnauzers. After I lost first dog, my miniature schnauzer (Melia), after a very sad, very long battle with kidney failure at too young of an age, I was DEVASTATED. My husband, Josh, knew I would eventually need another little companion. I have grown up with schnauzers and couldn’t imagine my life without one. Josh happened to stumble upon Midnight Schnauzers; we instantly KNEW this was the place our new baby would come from. It was SUCH a pleasure to work with Grace and Liza; it still is! They welcomed us into their home where we visited, learned about their schnauzers, and met the BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME Caroline and Quinn, the Dam and Sire. They laughed with us and cried with us as we visited. I knew the second we left, I was at the right place. Having my previous schnauzer die so soon, I knew health was a top priority in getting my next pup. Midnight Schnauzers goes ABOVE and BEYOND assuring health by checking for over 150 genetic disorders; I was sold! We received weekly updates and pictures of our baby after she was born. We brought her home and it has been HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Our Gretchen Scarlett has filled our hearts and home with so much love, fun, and laughter. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She is the smartest, spunkiest, most loving, and sassiest ray of sunshine. Everyone that meets our loving Gretchen comments on how BEAUTIFUL of a schnauzer she is; they are 100% right. Everyone wants to take her home with them, but we know that wouldn’t happen — I couldn’t go a day without my girl!
I would recommend schnauzers to ANYONE looking for the perfect inside, loving pet for young children and older adults alike. I would RECOMMEND 100% using Midnight Schnauzers! The standard they hold themselves to is second to none. You will not get a schnauzer nor will you get LOVING customer care from any other breeder ANYWHERE. I will forever be grateful for Grace, Liza, Quinn, Caroline, and my loving husband (for finding and contacting them); Midnight Schnauzers is a part of OUR family and OUR hearts forever! If we ever get another one, I would look no where else than Midnight Schnauzers!
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