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Breeder/Show Contract


Liza Seward or Grace Seward

New Owner

Puppy Description

Amount paid: $300.00 non-refundable* Deposit
Remaining Balance: $1500.00 due in cash at pick up or delivery**.
* If the dam does not produce the sex and color(s) requested, deposit will be transferred to a future litter or refunded.
**If the puppy is shipped, remaining balance, plus the shipping fee, is due 2 weeks before shipment date.
This Purchase Contract legally binds the Breeder and the New Owner on the following conditions:
It is my policy to raise healthy, well-adjusted puppies. The puppies are fully weaned and eating well with good elimination. The puppy will be released with a copy of his health record including wormings, date of vaccines, and other information. Please take your puppy’s health record to your vet. Rabies vaccine should be given in the fourth month. They have been reared in a home environment, and are certified to be in good health by a licensed veterinarian.
The new owner is responsible to have the puppy vet checked within five days of picking up the puppy. In the unlikely event that your puppy is sick, you agree to return it to the breeder, and I will either refund the purchase price or return the puppy in well condition, provided the puppy has not contracted a disease or been injured in its new environment. Contact information for the new owner's vet must be provided. The breeder will not pay expenses incurred in the return of a puppy nor accept any claim for distress caused by the return. No vet fees will be covered.
If the new owner is a breeder. he/she is required to have the puppy they purchased tested through Embark genetic testing or comparable testing for genetic disorders. The new owner agrees that the puppy will not be bred to a dog of any non-American Kennel Club registry, or to any Miniature Schnauzer not adhering to the breed standard of 12-20 lbs, 12-14 inches tall at the shoulder, and one of the three standard colors: black, black & silver, or salt & pepper. Pedigree and pictures of the prospective mate for breeding must be submitted to Midnight Schnauzers for approval a minimum of one month before the breeding. All progeny must be sold with Limited registration.
The puppy is released with Unlimited AKC registration.
The puppy is released with a lifetime genetic guarantee covering over 165 disorders. This is an agreement between breeder, new owner, and veterinarian. Upon certified and verified statement from new owner’s vet, replacement or refund will be determined after consult with my vet. No vet fees will be covered.
The new owner agrees that the dog will be kept in appropriate conditions for its welfare and health. It will be fed on a suitable diet for its age and condition and have appropriate exercise. It will receive all necessary veterinary care to maintain its physical good health.
If circumstances arise which make it necessary to re-home the dog, it must be returned to the breeder for placement, or the breeder must be contacted for consultation. No animal can be placed in a pound or humane center or sold to a breeder or puppy mill.
The new owner will not give the puppy a rawhide chew of any kind, due to risk of splintering.
The breeder does not advise the use of flea collars due to toxicity to animals under 15 pounds. I use Frontline spot-on or spray flea treatment and once-a-month heartworm preventative.
The breeder recommends that the new owner keep the puppy at home and not in contact with other mature dogs until the third series of vaccines at 12 weeks. For obvious reasons, the puppy should never be left alone with adult dogs. After the 8-12 week bonding period, socialization is an important step in raising the puppy. A puppy obedience class is recommended.
If you have any questions, feel free to call. May you have many happy years enjoying the love of your Miniature Schnauzers.
Breeder Signature _______________________________
Date: _______________
As the new owner I agree to the terms, conditions, and recommendations of this contract.
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